Electronic charts

Electronic navigational charts for inland waterways (Inland ENCs) in Slovakia are provided by the Slovak Water Management Enterprise (Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik, š.p., SVP). The actual charts are created according to the Inland ECDIS 2.3 standard for the entire section of the river Danube from r.km 1880,2 to 1708,3 (Devín – Chľaba), except for the old Danube river bed between Čunovo and Sap as the fairway is not maintained in this section nowadays.

The charts are property of SVP. It's available free of charge but it's not allowed to use it for commercial purposes.

After you download the .ZIP files, unpack it (using Filzip, for example). The map files are in *.000 format. To view the files an ENC viewer is needed. You can use, for example, the SeeMyENC viewer which is available for free.

You can download the charts from the website of SVP.

Electronic navigational charts of other countries are available on the following websites: