WaterwayRiver kilometerObject nameDimensions [m] (L x W)ISRS location code
Dunaj - kanál8,3Plavebné Komory Gabčíkovo-SKXXX00002LOCKS00083
Dunaj - kanál8,3Ľavá plavebná komora Gabčíkovo275 x 34SKXXX00002LOKB100083
Dunaj - kanál8,3Pravá plavebná komora Gabčíkovo275 x 34SKXXX00002LOKB200083 

Permitted dimensions of vessels and convoys

Maximum length: 220 m

Maximum breadth: 33,5 m 

Operating hours

Daily: 00.00 - 24.00


Phone: +421 31 559 45 39

Radio: VHF channel 78

Actual limitations

Information on the navigability regime for the locks of Gabčíkovo for current day are available on the home page of the FIS Portal under the section "Current navigability conditions" and by means of the SlovRIS mobile application as well.

For more details on the actual limitations of the lock operation see the Notices to Skippers at http://nts.slovris.sk/.