04. 11. 2014

SlovRIS mobile application

Since 2nd of July 2014, the SlovRIS mobile application is available for free for iOS devices. The application has been developed within the "IRIS Europe 3" project as a part of sub-activity 2.4 "Feasibility study / pilot implementation for mobile RIS applications" with the purpose of improving the access to River Information Services and providing relevant information for waterway users also by means of mobile devices.

The application is focused on the provision of waterway and navigational conditions information, designated mainly for skippers to ensure safe navigaton and its planning, on the Slovak section of the Danube.

The current version includes the following features:

- Actual Fairway and traffic related information valid for Austrian and Slovak section of the Danube
- Actual Water level information from Slovak and Austrian waterway gauges, including history overview and predicted water levels when available
- All relevant information displayed on a map
- Offline capabilities where connection is not available
- English and Slovak localization with Fairway & Traffic information localized up to 24 lanuages

Download the application at:

The Android version is under development and will be available soon.